Lyncia Eyresin

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Lyncia Wistella Eyresin
Native: Lyncia / Lyncie
Other: Daughter Heir
 -  Birthdate: 21 Triten, 1404 AE
 -  Birthplace: Galania
a. Hobbies include swordplay, aid to the poor, reading, kite flying

Princess of the Galanian throne in Eyreso, Lyncia was the age of 19 when she became part of a contentious period known as the Late Border Wars.

Background and Early Life

Lyncia spent all of her life in Galania.


Princess Lyncia pushed her father to allow her the right to learn sword fighting at the age of nine. Some scholars dispute this claim and consider it far more likely that the king intended his daughter well trained.

Personal Life

The princess was known to take weekly outings into the city of Eyreso and the surrounding towns. Her favorite place to visit was the small town of Florinth.