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Religions of Nalan are extremely varied, many dependent on the region, governing body, or the force of social pressures.


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A monotheistic religion known to many on the Sansehn continent, Aldyor is their deity. Notable worshipping kingdoms include Galania, where all other religions have been outlawed since Gilanth's Decree in 1078 A.E.


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The bitheistic religion central to the Aktaria continent's people. Banah the creator and Donah the destroyer are their deities. Nearly every society of the Western Spire follow Bani but it has not spread much further.


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Polytheistic in nature, Delro is the religion formed and followed by people of Elienda. There is little known about which deities are accepted as true gods, but many scholars note that Aldyor, Banah, Donah, and even Sahaimel are worshipped by practitioners of Delro.


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Believers of Sahaimel do not believe him to be a god but rather a supposed common ancestor. Sahaimel is thought to be the progenitor of both Dansali and Rodali, though there is no mention of the Xanali in the Sahaimuhn texts. Tudok is the only known country to follow the ways.


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Those that believe in the god Gru think of this genderless deity as the supreme power that controls all of the world and the cosmos. However, Grutho is not monotheistic and instead believers must dedicate themselves to one of five separate deities that are aspects of Gru. Grutho was founded on the continent of Sumfehn and has spread to every spire of Nalan.

Old Gods

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Some peoples are known to proscribe all religions due to being false creations of Dansali or Rodali. Small in numbers, the believers of old gods think that Nalan's children have lost the ways of old and forgotten the true names. Notably, Ahn Sofur, an organization of monks in Taendragor, say they are dedicated to finding this lost knowledge for the good of the world.